About Us

Ouest Antonio’s Pizza was founded in 1995 by Mr Antonio Stabourlos.
Mr Antonio came from Greece to Montreal,Canada with the hopes of making a better life for him and his family.

After working for several years in the restaurant business, Mr Antonio quietly observed the necessities of what is required for a successful restaurant and what mistakes not to make to keep a restaurant prosperous and successful.
Mr Antonio’s conclusion was simple. Deliver 100% satisfaction to each and every client.

As simple as this statement seemed to Mr Antonio, he knew in order to make this statement hold true, he knew it would take commitment and dedication from him, his family and staff. He led by example and every one has followed ever since as it has been instilled into the culture at Ouest Antonio’s Pizza.

Having perfected a great tasting pizza over the years and having the objective to deliver 100% satisfaction to each and every client, Mr Antonio decided to open with the support of his family, a Pizzeria in Chomedy Laval. Since then, Ouest Antonio’s Pizza has become synonymous with great tasting pizza in our community.

Using the finest and highest quality ingredients not only in our pizzas, Mr Antonio took the same concept and added other food items to his menu which have become very popular amongst our customers. Our customers have become very loyal and we want to thank each and every one of them!

We will continue to follow the objective and mission of Mr Antonio and deliver 100% satisfaction to each and every client.